Respect for the environment is central to our approach to sustainable development, we continually review and improve our management systems and internal controls to be sure they are fit for purpose and that they are being consistently implemented by all our operations.
We have a strong commitment to sustainable mining practices that minimize impacts on the natural environment. We also want to make a positive contribution to the mining area environment before, during and beyond our operation of the mine and associated infrastructure.
Forever minerals directs the environmental management in accordance to the following principles:
  • Integrate environmental and ecological aspects within the management policies through each process and activity with the goal of preventing, controlling, monitoring, repairing, and compensating the environmental impact that could generate adverse consequences.
  • Prevents contamination, by managing negative ecological consequences of the production and optimize the positive environmental impacts achieving in this way that all its installations and infrastructure are adequately managed and at the same are economically viable.
  • Comply with all established requirements within the law and its applicable regulations towards the company’s activities and with third parties.
  • Develop and implement all projects and operations by means of continuous quality standards in order to offer products and services that meet the demands of a competitive market with a high quality and sustainable result.