About Us

Forever Mining is diversified mineral resources company with commercial offices in Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, China, and an affiliate office in Peru.

The company controls a large portfolio of ground largely prospective for Iron Ore, Manganese and Cooper, mostly situated in Chile and Peru.
Forever has successfully joint ventured a significant number of these projects.
The company intends to continue to actively develop new projects with a view towards divestment whilst aggressively expanding and developing its key assets in South America.
This philosophy of developing new projects to be joint ventured whilst focusing on the company’s key asset exposes the company’s shareholders to potential exploration success over a range of properties at little or no cost whilst it concentrates on developing its key asset.

Forever ultimate goal is to achieve recognition as a premier mining company.

  • The Company aims to achieve this goal through;
  • Being well funded by virtue of prudent financial management and the generation of near term cash flow through mining;
  • Become a developer and significant mining company;
  • Being exposed to further exploration success through several Joint Ventures;
  • Supporting a dedicated and well experienced technical team who continually strive for exploration success;
  • Consolidation of its substantial tenement holdings;

The Board has a proven track record of recognizing and rapidly advancing under-explored mineral projects ensuring maximum returns from a substantial exploration portfolio.

Our key assets include;
Numerous other highly prospective landholdings- including several already being advanced through existing Joint Ventures.

Proven and Highly Experienced Management Team. Track record of returning value to shareholders through project acquisition, discovery & economic development.